A 98-year-old woman died shortly after the American police raided the house

American police raided the home of a 98-year-old woman, after which the news of her death came to light.

According to foreign media, the 98-year-old woman was a co-owner of a local newspaper and the reason for her death is being attributed to the tension created during the police raid.

According to reports, police in Kansas raided the home of elderly woman John Mayer on August 11 based on a search warrant.


According to foreign media, John Mayer died of a heart attack less than 24 hours after the police raid.

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The woman’s son, Eric, said that the stress caused by the raid led to his mother’s death.

According to foreign media, the video of raiding the old lady’s house has also gone viral on the internet.

The female publisher of the local newspaper can be heard telling the police officers to get out of my house, I don’t want you in my house, don’t touch any of these things, what are you doing? These are personal papers, get out of here.

According to foreign media, the newspaper’s office and the home of a city council member were also raided the same day after a local restaurant owner claimed the Marion County Record newspaper illegally obtained information about him. were obtained.

A local newspaper reported that the mother was in a state of extreme panic and spent hours in shock and grief after the raid, and died of that shock.

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