Husband’s company in Russia pressures Estonian PM to resign

Prime Minister of Estonia and her husband

The Prime Minister of the European country of Estonia, Kaha Kals, is under pressure to resign after the reports of her husband’s investment in Russia came to the fore.

According to foreign news agencies, the Prime Minister’s husband is a shareholder in a company that continues its operations in Russia.

Two major Estonian newspapers called for the Prime Minister to resign, while the majority of respondents in two public surveys said that the Prime Minister should resign.

Mrs Kalis says that she does not think that her husband’s company has done anything wrong.

The Prime Minister’s husband said that I am selling the company’s business on which questions are being raised.

It should be noted that the Prime Minister of Estonia urged European businesses and personalities to end relations with Moscow.

She is a staunch critic of Russia in the European Union and NATO and is seen as the future Secretary General of NATO.

Estonia’s broadcasting organization reported this week that Uru Halik, the husband of Prime Minister Kalas, directly owns 25% of the shares in the company called ‘Stark Logistics’.


The company supplies a Russian-based container factory, also owned by an Estonian company.

Media reports stated that the Estonian company has earned 1.5 million euros since the start of the Ukraine war.

The Prime Minister’s husband has announced that he will resign from the board of directors by selling his shares in the company.

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