Prepared hydrogels absorbing water from dry environments

Prepared hydrogels absorbing water from dry environments

In this era of development, scientists are busy creating amazing things. In this regard, the Americans have created a hydrogel that is capable of absorbing a record amount of moisture from the air even in the driest environment. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology achieved this revolutionary absorption ability by combining hydrogel with large amounts of lithium chloride. Lithium chloride is a type of salt known to be a very powerful astringent.

Once absorbed into the gel, the water can be heated, condensed and collected as ultra-clear water. Experts say this new material can be produced on a large scale in a short time and drinkable in arid regions. Can be used as a source of water. In addition, this material can be installed in air conditioning units to save energy and eliminate humidity.

Hydrogels have been used as desiccant materials for many years, as they swell and can absorb large amounts of liquid. The team of researchers mixed the hydrogel with salts that are effective at absorbing moisture, including water vapor. Meanwhile, lithium chloride was discovered as a salt that could absorb 10 times its weight in moisture.

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